It runs on Dotclear, an open source blog/CMS engine. I tested it against a couple of similar software with a flat file/SQLite/xml DB support. It proved to be well-thought, as feature-rich as I needed, stable, with good history and a promising future. I finally got the CSS close enough to my liking to call it done (besides the "compatibilty view" IE issues - enter MS), borrowed some icons from BlueSilence theme, and going to stay with it. The community is mostly francophone, but I had no problems using English on their Trac and forum.

I've been into IT for some time now, working at small companies, academia, corporations, on contracts and first of all for a hobby. I'm into open software, formats and data, mainly for GIS. My distro of choice is Arch Linux, and the pet project is GRASS GIS (contributing Polish translation (still about 70% remaining...), occasional documentation and code commits, etc). You can meet me on places like the QGIS/GRASS Polish forum, GRASS mailing lists, my GitLab and GitHub sites. When I don't feel like hacking, a good read, watch or hike will make my day. Otherwise I may happen to publish something here (not to often indeed; but expect the unexpected!).