GRASS 7 addons, Python 2: (install with GRASS 7 g.extension)

GRASS 6 addons, Bourne Shell: (install with GRASS 6 g.extension)

  • - wrapper for nnbathy, a raster interpolation program that provides triangulation, natural neighbor and non-Sibsonian natural neighbor algorithms.
  • v.breach - aids breaching dams in the input raster map along the input vector lines - e.g. down the watercourse over a DEM. Needs some updates to work with recent stable GRASS version. I'll write more about it when (if) it's done.
  • - creates vector points at geometric centers of given vector lines, keeping the information needed to transfer the input line feature attributes to the output point features.

Arch Linux packages:

  • The AUR folks don't want to enable LIDAR support and few other things in their GRASS 7 PKGBUILD, and they won't let me upload a version that enables these features, so my GRASS 7 PKGBUILD with the missing bits enabled is available only on GitHub.

Other GIS:

  • - a script for updating Quantum GIS SQLite database of coordinate systems, using the output of the installed PROJ.4 and GDAL tools. Unfortunately few codes can't be represented in PROJ.4 format, therefore the script currently ignores them. There is a GDAL Trac ticket open about that.
  • - Python implementation of Roman Kadaj's "korekty globalne" algorithm for PUWG 1965.
  • NTv2 grids implementing PUWG 1965 "korekty globalne" transformation according to output. More about it in this post.

And more: