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Monday, August 26, 2019

Arch Linux ARM on MACCHIATObin

This is my instructions for installing Arch Linux ARM on the internal eMMC storage of Marvell MACCHIATObin - an ARM64 Marvell ARMADA 8040 Mini-ITX mainboard.

I'm a bit bored with x86 domination. Intel all around, all my grown-up life. Or AMD, at best(/worst), which, being the same architecture anyway, has only reinforced Intel domination rather than provided a true alternative. While in the old days I enjoyed much more "digital diversity", as I recall it. The Z80, Motorola 8 bit and 16 bit on my home computers, next to my dad's Intel 8086. PowerPC or SPARC weren't unheard of. All different, fun, inspiring. Or maybe I'm just being a silly sentimental animal. Or maybe "things"/facts are still as diverse, only they differ from each other in a different way they used to. Or so it seems. Never mind, back to tech.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Arch Linux Docker base image build setup based on bootstrap tarball

To build an Arch Linux Docker image you would typically take the + mkimage-arch-pacman.conf as described on the Wiki, and run it as root on an Arch machine. This poses 2 issues: you may not have root access, and what if you want to build Arch Linux image on eg. Ubuntu? So I came up with a setup (Dockerfile, Python script, .dockerignore file) that lets you build Arch Linux Docker images on any Linux host running Docker, as a regular user (if your Docker instance allows that, but please mind there are good reasons why it shouldn't), FROM scratch, using bootstrap tarballs, which are published alongside Arch Linux ISO installation media every 4 weeks.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Stuff. Mainly GIS - related scripts and some other products of mine that I believe are worth mentioning and sharing.

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